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being busy,WIP, new playable prototype soon ,----------------


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V........ a visual artist based in Brussels, Belgium. She holds two Master's degrees (201....) in Painting, and in Visual Arts Education from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Inter-Actions Research Unit / KU Leuven and works as a mentor at MA Game Design, LUCA School of Arts, in Belgium. Currently, she is involved in three different Pilots(........., ........., ........) in the FilmEU RITs and works as a junior researcher. She is an active member of MŰTŐ since 2017, and of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association since 2011. R.........’s current research focus is to develop an immersive, peer-to-peer interactive tool where collaborative (artistic) practices can be monitored. By continuously appropriating the interface and features of these technological tools, she has developed a cynical, dark-toned techno-amateur style. She has been working in a collaborative form under the pseudonym Nimova Projeckt since 2015 with sound designers, or musicians from the DIY,  experimental electronic music scene in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and the Netherlands.

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