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2023_Footnote-on-a-Neuron-Scream, Discotec,Vienna, AT

Footnote (on a Neuron Scream), one-channel video with sound, 05:20 min, 2023

The 3D animation is a speculative narration about trauma, defining it as a ghost, that reshapes the topology of the neural network of memories. The AI-generated, male voice evokes the genre of a scientific documentary but it fails in its imperfectly played role, and becomes too personal, leaving behind an uncanny feeling in the viewer.

The video serves as a footnote for a bigger work-in-progress VR project called Portrait where hauntology becomes the metaphor for biochemical processes that store memories (and emotions) in the brain in a fluid, multi-dimensional way, similar to rhizomatic systems that evolve across time.

Sound (c) Új Bála

Text & 3D animation (c) Nimova Projeckt

Photo (c) Tina Kult

Footnote ( on a Neuron Scream)

Footnote ( on a Neuron Scream)

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