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Exhibition of MŰTŐ group at the Budapest Gallery, 2022, Budapest (HU)


MŰTŐ is an artist-run independent platform and collective founded in 2016 in Budapest. Its mission is to create a physical space for young artists to find new ways of creation. Its community is built through critical curatorial practices and the democratic ideas of DIY culture. Reflecting on the suffocating air of art world institutions, on the difficulties faced by young artists because of it, and on the lack of dialogue, MŰTŐ tried to find an alternative.

Third Room – Magnetic Field

This group of works first started out at an intensive four-day workshop and later turned into a flow-like creative/reflective exercise, eventually resulting in pieces, “DNAs,” unique to each group member. These are bundles of data that have been brought together both physically and virtually, in a 3D animation.

There are dozens of fist-size, corresponding, biomorphic clay sculptures in the room, each coupled by a member with a concept or emotion in the video, on a scale of positive to negative emotions and within a specific set of concepts. These then converge in a morphing animation, a kind of data visualization, where the scanned images of objects create subjective spirals, and DNA sequences, before merging into each other according to set criteria. Morphing refers to this merging together and is also a play on French philosopher Catherine Malabou’s concept of plasticity.1 With the installation in this room, then, MŰTŐ members experiment with how, through working with a specific material (be it, as with Malabou, consciousness, or the brain), creative attention can be directed at the inner dynamics of the group. What kind of objects are created when an artistic expression is a form of expressing opinions? How can this interpersonal emotional and artistic web of relations be quantified and shown artistically? How can the group’s manifesto and individual tensions and relations be related to each other and owned?

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