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Veronika Romhány is an interdisciplinary artist. She holds a Master's degree as a painter artist and studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Her work moves on the borders of media art, sculpture, interaction, and narrativity, her current artistic research investigates the manipulative, yet immersive character of narrative through interactivity(VR). Since 2015, Romhány has been working primarily in a collaborative form, under the name Nimova Projeckt, with sound designers and musicians of the Hungarian and foreign DIY experimental e-music scene, from the Netherlands to the Czech Republic to Ukraine. Since 2017, she has been an active member of the MŰTŐ artist collective. In her dark-toned, cynical, and lo-fi aesthetic works, she often uses images from online data sets of surveillance and human behavior in her video experiments, where the human gaze is reduced to an alienated witness or voyeur - anxiously following the automated performance of the software interface.

In addition to her artistic practices, Romhány is currently a Ph.D. student at the Belgian KU Leuven / LUCA School of Arts Inter-Actions Research Unit and carries out three artistic pieces of research within the framework of FilmEU RIT.

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