FOR. VACUUM - Exiles electronics label

duo FOR. co-work Nimova Proj-----

one channel video + cover art - 2020/21

'The title of the newest release of FOR. suggests that our contemporary collective fantasies are trapped in an imaginary vacuum space, or closed-circuit in which the possibility of any alternative looks immeasurably distant. In that sense, the raised fist of a disembodied protagonist by Veronika Romhány on the cover of the mini-album is an unequivocal call for a unified protest against the void of our futureless present. But the recent EP of Ábris Gryllus and Miklós Farkas is not only a symbolic gesture of such agitation but also a comprehensive summary of their long-term music collaboration. Ever since their early releases, FOR. functions as a FORum of their shared interests in techno-dystopian sonic worlds and brutalist sci-fi visions evoking various technologically advanced, machine-dominated future scenarios that, by the time, increasingly resemble our contemporary reality. 

The carefully designed sound effects of the new tracks, often inducing sharp noises of some nanotech devices or dismantled futuristic weapons, are almost always counterpointed with harsher sound textures, bold basses, and asymmetric rhythm structures. Accordingly, the recent EP Vacuum also aims to embrace various topics, such as politically engaged movements and militant aesthetics, monotonous labor and dehumanization, neo-industrial corporations, and virtual frontiers of future geographies that have yet to be drawn.'  - Zsolt Miklósvölgyi

released March 12, 2021

digital mastering by Roland Nagy aka Fausto Mercier
vinyl mastering by Roberto Romero Paraíso
artwork by Veronika Romhány & Ábris Gryllus
music by Ábris Gryllus & Miklós Farkas



©2020 by Nimova Projeckt