Fluid_Like_a_Gel_ 2K19 

MIART 2019 with Horizont Gallery (HU) and Mark Fridvalszki (HU)


/Vaporizing electric blood/

The installation with the futuristic hologram video and classic ceramics sculpture is a subjective visual definition, let's call it vision, about the border-line between material and immaterial;

narration and abstraction, artificial and organic, between dead and immortal, existing and only virtual. It tells lies, impressions about anxiety and desire, using alternated, modified internal organs of the human body. It desires to describe a fragile transitional state and only asks questions through the deconstructed and re-constructed hybrid assemblage. What is an organic electrochemical transistor? How does it related to a seemingly odd, oversized, half-abstract sculpture, painted in a rough-and-ready way. Why a swanky but basic hologram fan? One can see a wide and black leatherette cutting out a huge part of the white-walled space; one can see, also, ivory-white tubes placed on the black ground as bones; an arte povera type assemblage created by sponge, a bunch of painted ceramic tubes and electric cables.

This raw, distracted, and multicolored spectacle, still, has some modesty; some kind of odor with outdated visuality – while it is seated on a black plastic rolling chair. And there is – above this creature – a hologram fan endlessly turning around. A fury hearth hologram; then intestine; then a brain after and then, a vascular network – we see here an internal journey – within a human body (more or less) – placed in the empty and dark artificial space of a software viewport. The animation has several pauses caused by 3D texts easing in and out interrupting and informing at the same time.


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