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holograms, 2K19 -- 

one channel video with sound --- with Julien Savoldi (BE)

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In front of the uncanny, abandoned, and frozen real-life stage a spooky and insecure – humanlike or anthropomorphic – entity shows up as a hologram, and down-to-earth reality is mixed with dreamlike elements. Somehow, we may feel comfortable here – just as much as in your usual nightmare. Neither inside nor outside – somewhere in-between.


Somewhat repulsive or shabby but this landscape is the reality – and the disturbing, surreal figure of a body part occupies it insidiously.


Intruders, immigrants, half-deads, zombies – they are all stuck in a transitional state without legitimation to exist, without acceptance. If it’s a dream, there should always be an interpretation too: nightmares with zombies can symbolize the pressure surrounding the dreamer, the expectations of the society on a newcomer, an outsider to change, participate, and then finally blend in.


The video collage tries to deal with this struggle. The dreamer stands in a transit zone neither inside nor outside and becomes an observer. We are not really able to decide, we should turn(run) away or keep gaze and stay – and laugh – and the deeply rooted fear as a grotesque scene intrudes into the brain – with a manicured gif.

Look,my_eyes_r_just_holograms: Welcome
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