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//about the Projeckt//

The learned forms of behavior are closely linked to the lifestyles and situations that characterize man. The projects try to record these patterns and define them as surviving techniques. Using deconstructive analysis, followed by speculative reconstruction, each project creates manipulative, first-person narration and places it into post-real like laboratory conditions. Each narration fluctuates around picturing the self by highlighting distortions in the personality. The reason behind the narrative use is the idea that self-analysis results in the disintegration of the originally undivided unity between body and consciousness. According to a subjective conviction, self-examination splits the inherently integral 'I' into two and, at the level of the linguistic expression, the 'I' becomes the observed and the observer too at the same time. In most cases, the projects portray this paradoxical situation in a virtual, laboratory environment, using techniques such as monitoring, analysis, observation, or quasi-experiments recorded (re-creation processes).



//about the name//

​A seemingly small or ridiculous, yet, personally important decision made in 2013 when a Russian persona called Vera Nimova was found, but this gesture determines and frames the core artistic attitude of each project. This play with names and origins meant a self-ironic, yet moralizing response to the rising socio-political and cultural confusion, division, and pressure in the 2010's Hungary. While in 2013 the attitude labeled "Russophile politics" - with its accompanying authoritarian moral and retro aesthetics - was still stigmatized and defined as regressive, even anti-national, nowadays we face a long-term ongoing political turn.



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