Veronika Romhány (*1987, Budapest, HU) is an artist based in Brussels, Belgium. She experiments with unnatural narrative storytelling in 3D animation within the frames of techno-amateurism, illiteracy mixed voyeurism as an escapist practice. Yet, as understanding the term of ‘viewser’ as critics towards human agent superiority, she examines this reciprocal creative practice between the human and its software tools during creation. Using deconstructive analysis, followed by speculative reconstruction, her works portray mostly paradoxical situations in virtual, laboratory environments, focusing on the digitized, automated human body itself. She is using the imagery of monitoring, analysis, observation, or pseudo-experiments - while these action-scenes are being digitally recorded. In this long-term practice based artistic research, she has been working in a collaborative form under a pseudonym Nimova Projeckt since 2015 with sound designers, or musicians from the DIY,  experimental electronic music scene from Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine or from the Netherlands.


She currently works as a mentor at GameLAB, Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange at LUCA School of Arts, C-Mine.

She is a member of MŰTŐ since 2017.