Not a vein, nor a cable, nor a worm. Navel cord. Not intestines, not vermin. The synthetic yet living/animated wires twitch moderately on the wall as phantoms drowned, left behind, coloured in black, green and pink.The video object installed in Lollipop (a fluorescent aquarium on top of a sandblasted black metal frame) in cooperation with Rebeka Racz’s ceramic works introduce a sensation of disconnection from tangible time and space. The feeling of inside and outside may reverse.We find ourselves INSIDE, perhaps inside a hidden part of a software where “ambient fear” – the constant dread of viruses, online attacks and contaminations enmesh the thoughts of the users. Meanwhile information steadily flows from A to B, and back and forth like blood circulated in the bloodstream.The installation exhibited is literally and virtually one of the intersections of Veronica Romhány’s (aka Nimova Project) past six months of roaming, mainly concentrating here on the wires transporting information. What happens is the amalgamation of human-beastly-mechanic, while Rebeka’s glazed pottery add a further layer of interpretation. ////

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