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Please_Do_Not_Touch, 2K18 --

multi channel video installation with sound -  Michael Jackson Pollock(CZ)

Please_Do_Not_Touch: Welcome
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The third scene shows a faceless, seemingly fragile, statuesque figure rolled into pink cables - typing constantly something in the air. A series of an abstract line set, resembling a human vascular network, fading in an out softly next to it, from time to time. We are not able to define what these scenes are exactly drawn up for: is it a simple medical exanimation or rather, based on the suggestion of the narrated text, is it a psychological examination? According to the teller's self-definition, whom we see is only a virtual entity without physical existence. Even tho its consciousness requires a (human) body ­- and this is the gap.

This fact of deviation requires answers. This entity tries to explain, legitimate its state of existence with citing quotes from Mark Fisher, from Wikipedia; by creating freepoems as ego-descriptions, even meditates about the price of giving up faith for the social pressure, repeating the actual official interpretation of depression -­- and meaninglessness as a biochemical disorder. The vertigo, its catatonia, its imprisoned state into cabels (and virtuality) must have a cause, a core problem, a malfunctioning part which can be, must be fixed.

To defer to the norms there are thousands of ways - and always the actual system (or regime) dictates and decides - and draws up the demarcation fields to define whom will remain outside even if it is one's own accord or even if it is an extrinsic isolation or rather a quarantine.

Please do not touch.
The closed circuit three channel video projection with narration and sound draws up list of vacated scenes where automation, introspection and catatonia together tend to demolish the self and keep the body or - perhaps keep the self and - eliminate the body if it's needed.

During the one-night projection in Prague in 2018 January, an approximately 15 minute-long monologue was played: it was Zira's voice from a speech generating software. The three parallel video projection placed in an L form  - and "from time to time, from time to time" - they slipped on each other. Sometimes the colored, greenish acid light fulfilled the interior.

All of the videos - each from a different point of view - represent a laboratory scene: one paints up a dreamy scene of a medical examination (green dental chair, table, a transparent patient, and cables); in another scene there is a sound field image of a breathing machine during labor - with its well-known whistling-sound, and, we also see a chaotic vertiginous cloud of bones floating in huge tube. 

Please_Do_Not_Touch: Videos
Please_Do_Not_Touch: Videos
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